I am one of those persons that see their job as tool to gain something. Whatever this stuff be, it needs to be more precious than the work itself. I found my goal into my family harmony. Thinking about family like the minimum building block of a good society, just like an fractal structure, I believe my goal is not only to take care about  of me and my family is a about to take care of society as a whole.

I work in technology transfer,  deep knowledge and experience give me the opportunity to offer high valuable services to bring high technology companies along the latest stages of TRL scale (6 to 9) and over the borders over the international markets.

I coded specific methodologies to support scientist and researchers proceeding in a reliable way toward the market. I offer my services with an efforts calculation related to previous assessment of “state of the art” and specific goals have to be achieved. You can find some of my experiences and skills on LinkedIn.


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